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Welcome to DLP Realty
formerly Arthur Kowitz Realty


If you own a residential or commercial investment property and are looking for professional management, look no further!  DLP Realty provides full management services, including marketing, tenant screening, leasing, maintenance, and accounting. 



If you are looking to rent a home or commercial property, we have a top-notch inventory of houses, condos, townhomes, offices and warehouses for lease. You can view our ability in real-time, find the perfect next place for you, and apply to rent with DLP Realty.



When you are ready to buy, our top-notch sales agents are ready to find the perfect property for you.  Whether you're looking for your first home, a place for your new or established business, or are a long-term investor, DLP Realty has got you covered.


Arthur Kowitz Realty is proud to now be a part of DLP Realty, which was founded and headquartered in Pennsylvania's Lehigh Valley, is one of the fastest growing real estate firms in the country -- ranked as the #8 Real Estate Team in the US!  DLP Realty is focused on dominating the Lehigh Valley, Poconoes, Bucks and Montgomery counties, Northern and Central New Jersey, and North East and Central Florida.


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A Seller's Guide to a Winning Open House
Aimée Weaver - Sales Coordinator
Open Houses

Holding an open house for your soon-to-be-listed or newly on the market home is a lot like being on a game show where edging out the other contestants in a short period of time is key. In TV game shows, such as "Jeopardy," the contestants don’t automatically know answers to so many trivia questions; they study and they plan and they make it appear to viewers like they walk around with that body of knowledge every day. Open houses need to be thought of similarly. Once your home is on the market, an open house is your opportunity to plan and strategize how you are going to win over buyers in very short time.

organized kitchenEven in a strong real estate market where houses sell quickly, it’s still important to ask your agent to hold as many open houses as possible until the home sells. One reason is that even buyers with agents still like to look at homes on their own without feeling the pressure of a home tour. Sometimes their agent is out of town when your house goes on the market. Many buyers are not represented by an agent and the only way for them to tour a home is through an open house. Your agent will plan the open house to include everything from signage to freshly baked cookies. As a seller, you should take the following steps:


Back to the game show analogy, think of depersonalizing as studying the answers and questions before trying out for "Jeopardy." Your house is lovely for how you live in it, but buyers don’t want to see youin your house. In fact, the more your house makes it difficult to guess who lives there (age, religion, gender etc), the better. Take down personal photos, religious emblems, the cute collection of mini ceramic frogs, etc. Analyze your stuff for whether it’s morally, politically, or otherwise socially objectionable and remove all of it. You don’t want to eliminate buyers because they are turned off by your personal tastes.


While you are depersonalizing it’s also a good time to declutter as the two go hand in hand. The more simple and understated your home is, the more likely buyers can see the home for what it is and imagine themselves in it. When you have too much stuff cluttering walls and counters and shelves, buyers turn their focus toward those things and sometimes even make the assumption in logic that if you are cluttery, then you are disorganized, which means maybe you don’t take care of the house as well or as on time as you should. A good rule of thumb is to box up or store at least half of the smaller items displayed in your home.

For example, how much is on your kitchen counter right now? Now imagine reducing that number to just three things. What would you choose to keep versus store? Some sellers are benefited by going to other open houses in their area and looking at how other people have decluttered and arranged what is left. Online pictures, such as what is found on Pinterest, can help too. Often you can get some good ideas on what works visually just by seeing how others do it. When you are all done decluttering, clean your home like never before because buyers notice dirt and grime. Hire a maid service if you have to.

Lure Them In

The outside of your home is as important as the inside, especially the front entry area. Before an open house, take care of simple yard maintenance such as mowing, edging and weeding flower beds. A fresh layer of mulch adds color especially in winter months when not much is blooming. At your front door, clean off spider webs, blown leaves, and place a large, colorful pot of annuals or anything you can buy in season.

Complete Your Honey-Do List

While you have the yard power tools out, dust of your workbench and take a walk around your house inside and out. Make a list of all maintenance issues such as wiggly door handles, missing fascia, paint that has chipped, etc. and repair them before the open house. Buyers see even the smallest of maintenance issues as an extension of the condition of larger items such as roofs, plumbing and major appliances and assume you haven’t taken care of the home. You might talk to your realtor about a pre-inspection to deal with all home maintenance and problems upfront, before you get into contract with a buyer.

Be Cautious

Once you have taken the above steps and you are ready for the actual open house, there’s one last thing to plan. Protecting your valuables and identity. It might be rare, but criminals do use open houses as a way to case a house or to find collateral to steal identities. Make sure indoor safes are locked and hidden. Store heirlooms, checkbooks, prescriptions, and valuable jewelry away from prying eyes. Utilize a reliable, trustworthy, identity theft protection service to see you through the entire listing and sales process.

Source: RealtyTimes.com

Arthur Kowitz Realty NOW DLP Realty!
New Ownership

We're excited to announce that Arthur Kowitz Realty is now a part of DLP Realty!  

DLP Realty, ranked by The Wall Street Journal as the #14 Real Estate Team in the US and among the fastest growing real estate firms in the country, has entered into an agreement to acquire Arthur Kowitz Realty, a Holly Hill, FL based real estate firm that has been in operation since 1990.

The deal, including multifamily assets along with the existing brokerage, is worth over 5 million dollars, said Jeanne Fish, Business Developer for Arthur Kowitz Realty. Fish introduced the two business owners, Arthur Kowitz and Don Wenner, in November of 2015. The settlement is expected to be completed by the end of March.

“The acquisition of Arthur Kowitz Realty presents DLP Realty with a tremendous opportunity to gain a scale position in the Daytona Ormond Beach market,” said Wenner.

Arthur Kowitz, who has achieved other accomplishments such as being a world motorcycle racing champion, is confident that DLP will take the existing brokerage to the next level of success and continue his tradition of community involvement.

Mr. Kowitz quickly changed gears to race a modern Yamaha in the Daytona 200. Additionally, over the past three years, Kowitz’ promotion of zero-emissions motorcycle racing has gained world-wide notoriety and he plans to continue his role in the Emoto series.

Wenner, who founded DLP Realty in 2010, has appeared on CNN, NBC and HGTV for his real estate triumphs. His wife, Carla, and their two sons have relocated with him to Flagler County, where he is playing an intrinsic role in the acquisition. DLP Realty plans on continuing to grow its operations in the Daytona market by acquiring additional properties and adding staff in the Volusia/Flagler county area.

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